San Francisco Church and Monastery

Established in 1560 by the second order that came to Comayagua, the "Antoninos", which original name belonged to "San Antonio" church which is the monastery. By the year 1575 the temple was under the command of the "Franciscanos" that came to Honduras thanks to the diligence done by the bishop, Fray Jeronimo de Casilla. During the earthquake of 1774, the original dome fell, and was substituted by a fake dome of wood. Due to remarks of XIX century, its artisan was not made of wood, it was made of Mohammedans and knuckle and drudgery work. Nevertheless after the earthquake of 1808, this ornamental work was very damaged, but persisted until 1916, where the "Capuchinos" send it to cover a fake dome of wood and canyon vault in the central ship and lateral ships of plane cover

In its only tower you can find what is probably the most ancient bell in America, in which you can read the following "The Antoniana Bell, established in Alcala de Enares in the year 1460." In its interior we can find many ornaments of altars made in golden wood with golden plate. In one of its niches we can appreciate where was the plaza and according to the history in the year 1603, a ghost in the shape of a cloud would appear every Friday in a river called "Rio Chiquito" and at noon it would wrap this cross, until they made an exorcism to the ghost by the Franciscan priest Fray Esteban Verdelete.