La Merced Church

Built between the years 1550-1551 by Pprofessor Francisco Suarez under Fray Gaspar de Quintanillas´ supervision. It is the most ancient temple built with brick and stonemason and that still stands in Honduras and possibly in all Central America.

In 1561 the church was promoted to the Hierarchy of cathedral, becoming the first cathedral in Honduras the Americas. It had two towers, and the right tower was partially destroyed due to the earthquake in 1774, it contained the "Moro" clock donated by Felipe III, nowadays it is working at the Cathedral.

It has interesting and well done golden and splendid ornaments and altars, which have the images of "La Dolorosa", "El Nazareno", "San Pedro", "San Juan", the Mercy Virgin from XVII century. The plaza in front of the temple is totally remodelled to recover its original colonial aspect. The little plaza located in front of "La Merced " church has been totally restored, having special care that it comes out like the original one. The result is an exquisite park where you can enjoy the colonial beauty of the city. It is possible that there is going to be a little artisan market to the parks´ side.