La Caridad Church

Originally dedicated to "Saint Lucia", this church was built in the latest XVI century. This temple belonged to the Indian town of Santa Lucia, one of the small groups of Indians that remained from the Spanish colonial times. In the XVII century, in the descents of the Indians and the raise of the new breeds and castes, the church becomes a parish for black, dark-skinned and Indian people and it changes its name to "La Caridad" church. In its inside part remains the rests of the only open chapel of Indians in Honduras. Its facade was rebuilt in 1640 and 1735 by the bishop "Guadalupe", who sends to build the bell tower. Its interior contains the famous image of "El Señor De La Burrita", which has its original shape and has lots of joints and the first Sunday of Easter is mounted on a real donkey to be taken on a parade that runs the whole city. The church has a "Saint Lucia" image as well from XVI century.