The Cathedral

Its foundation and opening was on December 8th, 1711. It is the most beautiful and biggest cathedral ever built in colonial times; from the 16 original altars, only 4 have survived. They are built in wood and are covered with gold leavas, some with exquisite paintings and others with artistic images. From the four, the one that outstands is the mayor altar, which has at its feet silver and gold frontal frame, which measures one meter tall by three meter long. One of the altars has a black Christ, copying the Black Christ of Esquipulas and has three ships and five domes, one whole tower with eight bells; and in the third floor lays the oldest working clock in the Americas.

Cathedral's Clock

Made by the "Moros" who invaded Spain, and established in "la Alambra" in year 1100. The king, Felipe II donates the Clock to Comayaguas' Cathedral. That was, at the time, the actual "La Merced" church, which started running in 1636. There, it worked for 65 years, and in 1711, at the opening of the new cathedral, it was moved to this same church, where nowadays is still working, ringing its bell every fifteen minutes, every half an hour, and every hour.